How did I get here? With Grace.

My journey to where I am in my life hasn't always been easy. I'm no stranger to failure. I learned a long time ago from my father that I could have anything that I wanted as long as I worked for it and stayed focus. I started this blog to show you that once you peel back the layers, I'm no different than you. I have fears, dreams, goals and insecurities too.

Life is about the DASH - that line between your beginning & end.

Failure is a great teacher. When you recover from them and treat them as valuable experiences, you've got something to share.

My goal is to hopefully inspire you. Through audio, video, photos or even an article that I've posted. I want everyone to know that once you define your success, it's attainable. It's not going to be easy but with the right principles and focused mind, it's yours. I appreciate you taking the time to let me share with you as we travel this rode together. 



   The road to success is always under construction. -  STEVE HARVEY

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