Steve Harvey Shares Insights on His Affordable Handbags

We're celebrating the latest addition to the Steve Harvey Celebrity Editionhandbags! We sat down with the Success king and this is what he had to share about his collection and it's evolution:

"I've been in this game a long time. Been grinding is an understatement. My reality now is that I'm really just beginning to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Throughout the years, my fans have taken this ride with me... men, women, boys, and girls from every city, everywhere. My overall vision for the Steve Harvey Celebrity Edition is simply to create a lifestyle brand that reflects the kinds of things I'm exposed to now, but at a very affordable price.

As I grow more and more exposed to the finer things in life, I want to share, even make available to my very loyal followers, a taste of what I now know is possible. I can't give it all to them. But if I can just give them a TASTE MMMmm!!! It will  certainly be worth it. It'll be my way of saying Thank You for their valuable support. It's real simple, as I continue to thrive, they can thrive too!

Specifically for women though, we've just added a line of amazing handbags. I wanted to create something fly for my female fans. -Hell, for one of you! There are so many jazzy women who been following me for a long time. My loyal female fan base is strong. These women deserve to feel special everyday. Hopefully this lifestyle brand will make them feel that." -Steve Harvey

A classic assortment of bags are available for one more day via We've identified six of our favorite looks from the collection. To get in on the frenzy while supplies last, try: