Paycheck to Paycheck Is Not Living Well; The Value in Creating Multiple Streams of Income

Its 4 AM and Steve Harvey is starting his day with a morning run and a trip to his home gym. His blood is flowing and his mind is awakening, ready to embark on the tasks for today. By 6 AM, he has started his first job, Harvey Live on the radio with Steve. His nationally syndicated morning radio talk show attracts over 7 Million listeners’ nationwide and growing! But this is only the first job of the day, because Family Feud taping starts at 11 and today he is taping 5 shows, so it’s going to be a long one. But because Steve Harvey understand that if he is to live the life of his dreams that he must not stop at just one source of income, not even two is enough in his eyes. It’s the constant creation of income opportunities that keeps Mr. Harvey moving. So in between shows he’s taking meetings and phone calls with his team to make sure that every opportunity is explored. Steve Harvey understands the principals around prosperity and living well. He practices maintaining and creating multiple streams of income so that he can live in luxury on his own terms and so that he can continue to lead and be a provider for his growing family!

Let’s take a page out of the success of such a highly influential and hardworking business man such a Steve Harvey. Nothing can happen without hard work and discipline! Even more importantly, one source of income just isn’t enough in today’s economy! 2016 “IT’s” the year of the entrepreneur, but this year is only the beginning.

Have you prepared a nest egg? How much are you really saving for your retirement? What about money for vacations, a new car or college tuition, are you ready for these things? These are the questions that we need to be asking ourselves. Think for a moment about how much money you are making, think for a moment about what it takes to sustain your lifestyle. Are you still living check to check? Mr. Harvey lived paycheck to paycheck for a while. But, he worked on his gift from gig to gig, getting a check from week to week. But do you know what made the difference for him? He has said that he was tired of being BROKE! He was not about that check to check life! He made the decision to pursue multiple streams of income so that he could truly enjoy living in abundance!

So if you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck and are ready to increase income that comes into your household, then it’s time for you to find another stream of income. You need products and/or services that create solutions for the masses. Get into business for yourself and begin generating income that will dramatically change your lifestyle. Check to check living is not abundant living, it’s just enough living. You either need to increase the amount of those checks or add more checks! But you can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

It’s time for the increase. It’s time to have the income you need to actually help yourself and others. It’s time to leap so that you can finally receive the fruits of the journey. But the only way to make that change in where you are is to take action to get where you want to be. The choice is yours. Let’s do it!

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