Investing in the DREAM: The Greater the Risk the Greater the Reward

It was an exciting day for Perfect Hair Collection when after months and months of planning and preparation, we were finally able to open the door to entrepreneurs around the world. Finally seeing the vision of sharing the opportunity to people who are ready to build wealth by becoming involved in the hair extensions industry. The first round of PHC Distributors & Consultants, later to nickname themselves PHC D&C’s, resulted in about 100 brand new entrepreneurs! And in all the excitement, there were a few leaders that made their way to the front of the class very quickly. Amongst our top sellers was, Shay Wells! A former Mary Kay Rep that saw more potential in being a PHC D&C and quickly went to work on aggressively building a network of loyal customers and investing in her product! Miss Wells, started by purchasing over 10K in product which gave her the potential to make her ROI 50% after expenses! She decided that it would be best to offer her clients options and she never wanted a lack of inventory to limit her service to her customers. Her next move was to partner with local salons, becoming their primary supplier of luxury hair extensions. This was the power move that set the course for her long term success. By having options in her inventory and focusing on developing strong industry partnerships, Miss Wells was able to maintain a strong customer base and consistent business.


The best thing about Miss Wells was that she saw value in an opportunity and she took action. She made up in her mind that she wanted a change and she was going to take the lead on her own success. Miss Well invested in her desire to take part in a rapidly growing 13B dollar industry!


We all can relate to being ready for change and growth! We know the rewards and options that wealth will provide, but the reward of wealth requires a decision to take action and invest in order to receive. As a CEO in the making, I invested in myself long before the days of my partnership with Steve Harvey. I picked up the bill for my extensive travel to China, Africa and India. I made it my business to travel to these countries in order to understand the manufacturing of extensions in its raw form. Everything from flights to hotels to food and transportation, this was my financial investment into my dream and vision for my business. By the time I had formed my partnership, I had already invested thousands, well over 10K, into my own business. My investment was worth the risk, I made over 1.2M in my first year of business, so my ROI made every dollar invested grow! So although my risk was great, the reward was even greater!


The only thing Miss Wells and I did was take action. We are no different than the everyday consumer. We had grand visions of breaking into the hair extensions beauty business and we took action and invested in our dreams. Now I get to share this same opportunity with men and women around the world! There has been no greater reward!


No matter what your dream may be, there is no reward without risk. But to have the courage to believe in yourself enough to take action and taking steps to manifest your dreams, there is no greater reward! 


DATE: AUGUST 23, 2016




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