'King of Comedy' D.L. Hughley named New York Times Best-seller Author while at Stardome


D.L. Hughley loves people. He enjoys making them laugh. Millions have cracked up to his jokes over the years. Hughley is now making people turn pages with his new book, "Black Man, White House: An Oral History of the Obama Years."

"The book is based on real actual events during President Barack Obama's tenure. We took the actual people and put the words in their mouth," said D.L. Hughley.

He and his writing partners did not know what the president or people said, so did their own kind of thing to satirically describe what might be happening behind the scenes.

"I get the sense there are a whole lot of things people want to say, but they don't. So, we took the creative license. It's hysterical," added Hughley.

Hughley, one of the newest New York Times Best-seller Authors, will sign "Black Man, White House: An Oral History of the Obama Years" for readers at Barnes & Noble Patton Creek Saturday, July 2 at noon.

"It's nice. We worked hard, for six months, to get the book done. It seemed to take forever because it was not the only focus for me," added Hughley. "I had the tour, the radio show and other projects."

Hughley shares the accomplishment with his writing team of Peter Hubbard, Richard Avante, his fifth-grade teacher Elaine Boston and friend Ryan Wolfe.

He was added to the highly-acclaimed hours before his first of five performances at Hoover's Stardome Comedy Club.

Hughley told ABC 33/40's Venton Blandin about his approach to doing stand-up comedy.

"I just like talking about what's going on. I like having a drink, talking a little **** and hanging out," said Hughley.

A crowd packed the venue, hidden near the Galleria Mall, known nationwide for attracting some of the biggest names in comedy to share laughs with one of the 'Kings of Comedy."

"It's all fun. I hope people leave saying they've had a good time. I try to not make it happen at someone's expense," added Hughley.

Hughley, known for his role in the 'Kings of Comedy' tour with Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer and the late Bernie Mac, is no stranger to television. He's starred in his own sitcom, appeared in other sitcoms and hosted a late-night talker on CNN. He currently hosts his own nationally syndicated radio show.

It's easy for Hughley to find an avenue to make people laugh.

"I think jokes are already written. I am just fortunate enough to notice it. If a joke or concept makes sense to me, I will use it," added Hughley.

He gets it from people he sees, talks to and situations around him.

Hughley is a busy guy. He's performing at the Stardome July 1-3 and at the VBC in Huntsville July 9 for the 'Comedy Get Down' tour. He'll share the stage in Huntsville with Cedric the Entertainer, George Lopez, Eddie Griffin and Charlie Murphy.

Hughley is also getting ready to record portions of the 'Comedy Get Down' tour to be televised at a later date.