Meet Entrepreneur - Jennifer Harrison

From 6 Figures to 1.2 Million in my first year of business: How I left corporate and made over 1 Million Dollars in my first year in the hair extension business.


I have had the pleasure to mentor and coach many successful entrepreneurs, what I love most is finding smart and disciplined entrepreneurs that are focused on WINNING BIG!  Jennifer Lee-Harrison is one who never seems to disappoint me with her amazing knowledge of business and specifically global business. The one thing I have learned through my process of acquiring success was that I could learn from all of levels of successful people. For that, I want to share Jennifer’s story with the hope that it will inspire your inner- entrepreneurial self! - Steve Harvey



Hi, I am Jennifer Lee-Harrison and this is my amazing life. I want to share with you a few tips that took me from a 6-figure earning marketing director for a fortune 500 company to making over a $1.2MM dollars in my first year as an entrepreneur.



While working in corporate, I collectively earned more than 1 Billion dollars while working to launch clothing lines for brands like Tommy Hilfiger and J-Lo when they were first getting off the ground. I also headed a Multi-cultural brand development division in the hospitality industry that had no real capital in the urban market when I stepped into leadership. However, not only did I make millions for these departments and brands, I also completely increased their market share 65% in the years I was with the company. In other words, I knew what I was doing, I did it well and I was moving through the corporate ranks like a hungry beast!


But I got to the point where I was capped out in my career and the opportunities it offered. I was making all the money that my current position allowed and I had topped the corporate ladder. It was around this time that my dreams started to change. I could no longer see myself working 12-hour days just to get ahead in another person's company. I had out grown this opportunity and I knew it was time to move on. I did not want to keep making money for other people. I’d never see those millions as a marketing director, but if I had my own business in which I could use all that I had learned, then that would be the game changer.


“Don’t limit your dreams to just your career.”

-        Steve Harvey

-        “Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success”


My first step towards being CEO was to make up in my mind that I would follow my dreams and this would be my title! I would build my own billion dollar brand.



I decided to go into the hair business. Not only was I known for keeping my locks impeccably stylish, I also knew the beauty business was not on the decline. What I knew was marketing, what I needed to know was hair extensions. Although my gift was clear to me, I had to learn the business of hair. I knew if I was going to be successful that I would have to live, breath and completely submerge myselfin the hair extentions world.

As most of us know, this is a closely guarded business, but that did not stop this CEO in the making. I was determined to knock down some barriers to get the knowledge I needed. I quickly went to work using the internet to form international partnerships and to do research on the manufacturing side of the hair extension business. That’s right, I completely bypassed retailing. After all, I knew I could sell it, I needed to know how it was made. I knew if I was to be successful, that I had to know it all. I started with raw material, researched and followed my product all the way to the shelves and then to my customer's front door.


Once I knew my business, I went to work traveling the world to find the best hair extensions manufacturersthat the world had to offer.. My journey lead me to places like China and India to find quality hair extensions thatwould hold its value and be a solution to my customers.


But I did not stop at just traveling. I made it my business to know how this industry was changing from day to day. So I registered to RSS feeds and constantly made time to update and add to my strategy and my business plan. I was flexible in how I learnedbut my end game is always to acquire KNOWLEDGE.


“At the end of the day, your personal resolve to nurture and grow your gift will be the deciding factor between your success and your failure”

-        Steve Harvey

-        “Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success”


Therefore my next step after making a decision to be a CEO was to gain the knowledge of my industry that would allow me to act like a CEO.



In all my trials and obstacles as a CEO, the one constant that keeps me moving forward is DOING the WORK! I set goals that are trackable, measurable and attainable and then I take action!  In my former life there were many times as an employee that Iwanted to abandon having to clockin and out,  nor did I favor coordinated lunch breaks, but what I realized, as a CEO, is that no one is keeping time but me now!  My day does not belong to me anymore! I clock in when I wake up and I clock out when I go to sleep. My day is dictated by achieving my end game. So before I even launched my website or attended a trade show or invested a dime into my business -- I was sure to do the work that would set me up for success first.


So after clocking out of my full time job, I clocked into my CEO position. I spent nights and weekends working my business plan. I worked on building my website during the early morning hours. I took my laptop everywhere and took advantage of any little crack of time in my day to work on my business.


My partnership with Steve Harvey came AFTER I DID THE WORK! And although my partnership was extremely influential in spreading awareness of my brand,  I still had to do the work to get my products in my customer's hands. Not only was I the voice on the radio, I was the customer service rep on the phone when you called about your order; I was the shipping and receiving specialist that packaged everything to be shipped; I was the inventory specialist that made sure I had stock for my customers; I was the event manager; the accountant; and the CEO. There was no clocking out, there was no lunch break. It was time to hit it as I say. My day started at 4 AM and did not end until well after 10 or 11 PM!


Doing the work was a constant part of my evolution into a CEO. I never gave up, I never quit and I was able to launch my business in 2013 and generate a whopping 1.2 Million in my first year of business!



I have spent the last year using my knowledge of the industry and my international partnerships building an opportunity for the right entrepreneurs. The hair care business is on the rise and gets bigger every year. I have done the work for you by forming a business and gaining traction with the marketing powerhouse of the Steve Harvey name and the mind of Jennifer Lee-Harrison. I have done the research and the numbers don't lie. The hair care business is profiting at a record breaking rate! NOW is the TIME!  There is an opportunity to jump into the beauty business and tap into an additional stream of revenue for your household or salon. Steve Harvey and I have teamed up to create an opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world! Our collaboration has once again produced success in the lives of over 200 consultants worldwide!


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