Aaliyah At the Apollo

15 years since the talented Aaliyah tragically passed away. They showed me these clips of her on YouTube at the Apollo they had found.

happy birthday to a beautiful soul

Apollo was such an amazing stage in my career, it helped me hone in on the skills that have helped me accel today, but even more special, so much talent came on that stage that I witnessed first hand. The other day, I posted a clip of a young Jazmine Sullivan that I had the pleasure of introducing to the world. Now I have to show you this video of Aaliyah in her prime sounding exactly like her records with nothing but her vocals and instrumental track. Her spirit was just as amazing as her talent. 

I knew her uncle personally, he was one of my boys. I can't say enough how great a spirit she was. Check out one of my earlier radio interviews that happened to be with her in early 2000. 

Everyone knows how big a fan I am of music, especially R&B music. She was taking it in the right direction. She's influenced so many artists even to this day. 

The power of the internet is amazing, I've got my guys looking all over for more clips like this that I can share with you guys. Let me know if you'd like to see more in the comments below.