Steve Harvey Is Not Here For You Calling Ellen DeGeneres A Racist

By Rachaell Davis

Steve Harvey comes to Ellen's defense following the backlash over her Usain Bolt victory meme. After Usain Bolt made history at the 2016 Olympic Games as the first track athlete to win gold three times in the Olympic 100 on Sunday, the Internet exploded with an endless amount of hilarious memes celebrating his winning moment. But when comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres decided to join in on the fun, the laughing stopped for some.

Despite Ellen's reputation as a kind-hearted, compassionate and fun-loving comedic personality who has repeatedly welcomed people of all races, backgrounds and social classes onto her show and into her life, some saw her take on the Usain Bolt meme as racist. The photo, shared from Ellen's Twitter account on Monday evening following Usain's win, is a photoshopped image of her riding Usain's back with an accompanying caption that reads, "This is how I'm running errands from now on. #Rio2016." 

Speaking on the public reaction to Ellen's meme during a recent radio segment on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Steve said anyone who thought Ellen was being racist with her interpretation of the Usain meme was way off. "Let me tell you something. I’ve been around this woman a bunch of times," he said. "I don’t think there’s a stick of racism in her body. Now, I see where people are trying to go with this, but in her case, don't do that. 'Cause that ain't even how she thinks. She cares on so many levels on so many things, and if she’d have thought for one moment that that's what anybody would’ve did, she’d have never done it. But it’s not even in her mental psyche. She’s just one of the coolest chicks I’ve ever met, man."