4 Things to Expect from Steve Harvey's 'Little Big Shots'

George Back

March 9, 2016

Steve Harvey’s new show, Little Big Shots premieres Sunday, March 13th. And based on the hour long preview the good folks over at NBC gave us Tuesday night, it looks pretty fun.

The show is like a cross between Kids Say the Darndest Things andThe X-Factor. Based on the preview, it appears many of the children have an established fan base from the internet. The talents the children have on display range from being able to shoot baskets to knowing out to spell pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

While all the kids were amazingly talented, the highlight of the evening was Japanese 5-year-old, Ryusei. He is a huge fan of Bruce Lee, so much so that he has memorized one of Bruce’s most memorable fight scenes.

Little Big Shots will air Sundays at 8pm on NBC.