8 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Steve Harvey

By: MARCIE HILL as seen on LinkedIn

Steve Harvey has come a long way from his early days as a comedian. Although comedy is his soul, he has grown into a media giant as the host of Family Feud, a syndicated radio show and a widely viewed TV talk show. He is also a best-selling author and movie producer.

His love of fashion is shared through his clothing line, The Steve Harvey Collection. In addition, Harvey mentors boys through his mentoring program, which is one of the programs offered by The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation. Most recently, he opened a Garrett Popcorn Shop in Atlanta.

What does this mean for entrepreneurs? Here are 8 lessons you can learn from Steve Harvey.

1. Have Several Streams of Income

Harvey has at least ten streams of income (that we know of). Let us count the ways:

  • TV talk show
  • Morning radio show
  • Host of Family Feud
  • New York Times Best Selling Books
  • Think Like a Man movies
  • Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation
  • Annual Neighborhood Awards
  • The Steve Harvey Collection
  • Garrett Popcorn Shop
  • Spokesperson for several companies

2. Brand Your Businesses

Steve Harvey stamps everything he owns and does with his name. He even tried to put his name on Family Feud, but they said no.

3. Use Your Platform to Elevate Others

Steve Harvey uses his platforms to elevate others in three ways: employment, promotion, and allowing them airtime on his shows.

He hired his nephews, Tommy and Junior, and brought co-hosts, Shirley and Carla, from his previous radio show. Also, his children are running his clothing line and foundation while he focuses on his entertainment career.

You will hear Harvey promoting his wife’s “The Lady Loves Couture” venture on his radio show. But it’s not unusual to see her as a special guest or co-host on his TV talk show. Other entertainers that have benefited from his promotion are Charlie Wilson, Kem, Kirk Franklin and his nephew, Tommy.

The most humbling act of elevating others is allowing fellow comedians Sheryl Underwood and Earthquake to share their gifts through short segments on his show.

4. Give Back

In addition to mentoring young people through their foundation, the Harveys give away turkeys every Thanksgiving. They do other things for people throughout the year.

Also, he’s very generous with his radio show staff. To reward them for their hard work and dedication, he gives them time off work to rest and takes them on working vacations to other countries. He has even dismissed them during the show, encouraging them to take a break.

5. Be Authentically You

Because of his authenticity and transparency, we know that Harvey once lived in his car; is on his third marriage; worked at Ford (which is one of his now one of his sponsors); and loves God, comedy, fashion, Earth, Wind & Fire and Marjorie Harvey.

This “real-ness” has attracted millions of viewers to his TV show; millions of listeners to his radio show; and thousands of attendees to his Neighborhood Awards weekend.

6. Don’t Forget Where You Came From

You will often hear Harvey talking about his childhood, family and journey to success. He often thanks his parents and people who helped him along the way, as well as those who are currently supporting him.

7. Remember Your True Friends

Cedric the Entertainer is one of Steve Harvey’s best friends. How do I know? He had a role on the sitcom, The Steve Harvey Show. He also shared the stage with DL Hughley, Bernie Mac and Harvey in “The Original Kings of Comedy.” Lastly, Harvey helped him produce his own show.

8. Persist

Harvey will tell you that it took over 20 years for him to become an overnight success. When he embarked upon his comedy career, he worked for free. As he worked on perfecting his craft, he was still earning peanuts.

Because he continued to work his dream – in faith – he has attained a current level of success that he often says, “I didn’t see this coming.” And there’s more to come because, as he always says, “God ain’t through with me yet.”

Above are 8 lessons entrepreneurs could learn from Steve Harvey. What are some other things Harvey do that can help entrepreneurs?