Playing House Goes All Silver Linings Playbook...With a Steve Harvey Twist?!

Perhaps getting inspiration from Silver Linings Playbook on how to handle yourself after a divorce isn't the best idea. But then we wouldn't have Keegan-Michael Key running around in a trash bag and making guttural noises on Playing House.

Yes, it's true: Mark and Bird Bones are no more and there are several questions to be answered: What's a man to do when his marriage fall apart? Can you have too many succulents? Is Jessica St. Clair's Steve Harvey impression the best? We can safely answer one of those questions: Yes, her impression is the best.

Michael Yarish/USA Network

Michael Yarish/USA Network

Check out the sneak peek below for more. Also in this episode Mark rekindles his friendship with Emma (St. Clair) and Maggie (Lennon Parham) contemplates a career change.

Playing House returned for a second season in early August after more than its fair share of time in cancellation limbo. St. Clair, Key, Parham, Lindsay SloaneJane Kaczmarek and more familiar faces all returned to Pine Brook for another go and dare we say it's better than the first season. We do dare.

Last week, guest star Rob Riggle served as a catalyst of sorts to break up Birds Bones (Sloane) and Mark. Parham said they struggled with whether to break the couple up.

"We weren't sure if we wanted it to happen and you'll see when it happens. It's a big change in everyone's lives. Do we do this? Do we not do this? We went back and forth in our writers' room and we know now that we made the completely right decision, but it was a big deal story," Parham told us.

"I think because it took so long for the show to get picked up that when it finally got picked up, we felt like let's just let it rip. So it's almost like we get in that zone in improv when you're performing on stage where you get in that sweet spot—you're not really conscious of what you're doing. I felt that's how the writers room felt," St. Clair added of their no-holds-barred attitude.