Steve Harvey Learns the Term 'On Fleek' in Adorable Exchange with Illinois Girls Who Raised $50,000 for Charity with Lemonade Stand

BY TIARE DUNLAP - @tiaredunlap

Steve Harvey learned a new word on Tuesday in one of the cutest conversations on daytime. 

When The Lemonade Brigade – four young girls who have raised over $50,000 for charity selling lemonade in Illinois – stopped by the Steve Harvey Show on Tuesday, the group's youngest member melted the veteran TV host's heart. 

"Can I just add something in really quick?" Kailyn Fanning, 8, interjected when asked a question about lemonade. "I love you. I think you're hilarious. You're awesome." 

The group erupted into giggles as Harvey walked over to Kailyn to return the compliment. 

"Can I add something in too? I'm kind of crazy about you now girl," he said, adding, "You're on flake – I just found out what that word means – Oh fleck?" he said, correcting himself. "Well you're small, that's a flake…" 

After the adorable exchange, Harvey thanked the group's four members – Aubrey Hennig, 12, Sammi Parrish, 13, Morgan LoMonaco, 12 and Kailyn – for their work and presented them with a $500 donation. The proceeds will go towards the group's mission of making a difference in the lives of kids in need. 

Watch video below and learn more about The Lemonade Brigade here