How To Make A Million Dollars or Inch by Inch Everything's A Cinch

This post was first published for LinkedIn

I'd like to tell you a story. A personal story about how I got to this place. Today, I have a TV show that comes on everyday. I have a game show that comes on everyday and I got a radio show that comes on everyday. I would love to tell you that I’m responsible for this whole thing and I'd love to put my hand on my back and say I’m self made. But I'm not. I'm not. I had a lot of blessings and I met a lot of people that've changed my life. It's been a difficult journey and I wish I had learned these principles earlier in life. Honestly, if God would have told me what I had to go through to get here, I would have tried something else. I would have been a teacher or an insurance salesman. But I had a dream and along the way I learned a set of principles that if adhered to can change your life.

A lot of people want to be rich. A lot of people reading this ARE probably rich. If you're not, you would probably be a millionaire next week if you could. You just need to find your gift and do that. One of my favorite principles is, "inch by inch everything's a synch", I broke this down in my Chicago dressing room a few months back. 

I got a partner I grew up with in Cleveland. We used to laugh at him all the time. We’d ask, "Hey, you going out tonight?” and he’d say no with a smile, “I gotta cut Ms. Jackson’s grass in the morning.” He loved cutting grass and he was good at it! That’s all he did. Today he has a landscaping business in Cleveland. That business is worth 4 million dollars. He has all kinds of trucks. That was his gift. He just did it. What is your gift? 

What gift do you have?

What gift do you have that you have done nothing with. Now I'm not talking about running, jumping, singing, and dancing. If you can connect the dots, that's a gift, if you know colors better than others, that's a gift, if you can fry chicken better than other people, that's a gift. All these are gifts. If you can take the big picture idea of success and break it down into small attainable goals, it makes it much more fun and easier to see your progress.

Sometimes people get lost in their passions. I'm passionate about golf and as good as I look...I suck! I’m not gifted at all when it comes to golf. The moment you live in your gift it opens up everything for you. If you feel like your life is in a rut it's because you're not living in your gift.    

How many times have you pursued your passion and not your gift?

If you HAVE found your gift? Let's take this ride to success together.  Tweet me your business, your idea, your song and keep believing!