Shooting Talk Show Promos With Wynton

On my lunch break from Family Feud a production crew from my talk show  stopped by to capture a few moments between me and my son Wynton. He's heading off to college in Miami so I shared some insight with him before he takes off. I got emotional but at least now I get turn his room into a humidor.  Imma turn his sisters room into spa room. 

I was never really a gifted student but I want you to accomplish something I never did
Have respect for the law. No back and forth with the police. Just comply
Let nobody outwork you. People will be able to sing better than you, people will be smarter than you, But let nobody outwork you.
Remember to love people. You gotta have compassion. The more compassionate you are to people, the more compassionate people will be to you.
I’ll let you smoke cigars, but don’t smoke weed
Be the best human being you can possible. I love you.