Remembering Bernie Mac

Happy Birthday to Bernie. Someone asked me on my talk show about a possible Kings of Comedy reunion. We were planning a Kings Of Comedy reunion about 4 months before Bernie passed. He said, “I’m a little sick right now but I’m about to get better though. Then I’ll go.” I came up to Chicago to host the Bud Milliken parade and I was in lobby at 6:30 am getting some breakfast at the Peninsula Hotel and Rev. Al Sharpton walked up to me and said, “Did you hear about your boy Bernie?...he passed 2:30 this morning.” So that was it. Couldn’t do it without Bernie. - S.H. 

He was absolutely one of the strongest stanups. He closed our show because no one wanted to go on after Bernie. He was a gorilla man. You couldn't follow Bernie. He was a lot. - S.H. 

This is one of the first appearances of Bernie Mac on Def Comedy Jam